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Digital Resilience

Digital Resilience

“The awareness, skills, agility, and confidence to be empowered users of new technologies and adapt to changing digital skill demands (Digital US, 2020) – is more important than ever for active participation in society and the economy. Yet research shows that an estimated 32 million Americans struggle to use a computer, and half of all Americans say they are not confident using technology to learn.” (EdTech Center @World Education)

Digital ResilienceResources

Digital Resilience in the American Workforce (DRAW)
This initiative was designed to help adult education practitioners improve their ability to support learners who struggle to fully engage in tasks that demand use of digital technologies.

The Digital Skills Library
The Digital Skills Library is an open repository of free learning resources designed to help all adult learners develop the digital skills needed to achieve their personal, civic, educational, and career goals. Introduction to the Digital Skills Library presentation.

Building a Digitally Resilient Workforce
Digital resilience improves capacity to problem-solve and upskill, navigate digital transformations, and be active participants in society and the economy

Digital Literacy Tips
These tips help with getting learners started regarding their access and building digital literacy skills.

For more resources related to digital literacy, please search VALRC’s resource bank.