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Differentiated Instruction

3 weeks | 6 hours

Differentiated instruction is an approach that enables instructors to plan strategically to meet the needs of every learner. Course participants will consider how they can adapt their instructional content, teaching process, and expectations for learners’ products in order to better meet the needs of their diverse students. Participants will

  • define differentiated instruction,
  • identify research on differentiated instruction,
  • explore classroom applications in the context of writing and/or math adult ed instruction, and
  • plan for incorporating differentiated instruction into their own teaching.

Participants can complete this facilitated, three-week, six-hour course at their own pace. It’s a great fit for busy professionals, instructors who want to learn the basics of differentiated instruction, or more experienced instructors who are interested in deepening their understanding in (virtual) conversation with colleagues from around the state or who want feedback on their own differentiation practices and plans.

The Differentiated Instruction course was developed as part of the TEAL (Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy) initiative, is hosted by LINCS, and is facilitated by VALRC. See LINCS for more information on the course topics and activities.

You will need a LINCS account to access the course. If you have not set up a LINCS account yet please follow the steps below to get set up.

  1. Start at the LINCS Learning Portal login page.
  2. Click the Create User/Sign up button in the “Need to register?” box.
  3. Complete the requested information and check the box to accept the terms and conditions; and click Create an Account.
  4. An email will be sent to you to confirm your email address. Click the link in the email to verify your email address and complete your account set up.
  5. Click the Continue to LINCS Learning Online link and log in by entering your username (email address) and password.
  6. For good measure it doesn’t hurt to log out and then log in through the LINCS Learning Portal to ensure all is working as it should.

Course Expectations:
Taking an online course requires a time commitment, internet access, and weekly participation. In order to receive a certificate of completion, learners must submit all assignments on time. Learners that do not post for more than one week at any time during the course or who fall more than one week behind in their assignments, may be removed from the course and will be placed on “waiting list only” status for future online courses.

Course fee: $75 (Virginia grant-funded programs: $0)