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HEAL: A Learner’s Perspective

In Charlottesville, one family literacy class and two ESL classes participated in the HEAL:BCC project. The students trained to become leaders for their families and communities by studying (1) preventative health maintenance; (2) definitions and known causes of breast and cervical cancer; (3) recommended schedules for regular screenings and checkups; and (4) the benefits of early detection. 

Students discussed the materials and asked and answered questions of each other. They also wrote about the project and were published in the Charlottesville HEAL:BCC newsletter.

Here is a representative sample of their writing. 

The Importance of Cancer Screening 

by Niruntree Sakulkoo 

I lived in a small town in Thailand. I learned to take care of my health before and heard the word “cancer,” but I never learned where cancer came from or about screening. When I came to the United States and studied about health and cancer in ESL class, I received knowledge about many things I never knew before.

I think many people in my town don’t know about cancer screening, so it is important to learn about it. In my town, when we know someone has cancer, the person dies because it is too late to cure them. We go to the doctor only when we feel sick. Very few people check for cancer or have checkups every year because they don’t know how screening can help provide protection and early detection. Now I can tell and teach my family and friends about the importance of breast and cervical cancer early detection and screening.

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