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Pear Deck is a free add-on to Google Slides. Teachers can enhance their slides with interactive prompts and students can respond by answering with text, choosing from multiple-choice options, selecting numbers, visiting a website, creating a drawing, or dragging and dropping their responses.

What are the benefits?

  • Students can answer questions in real time.
  • By adding interactivity to slides, student engagement and participation are increased.
  • Pear Deck provides free ready-to-teach templates designed by educators in a variety of subjects that support learning objectives.
What are the drawbacks?
  • Users need a Google account to use Pear Deck.
  • Pear Deck needs access to Google Slides, but they have very strict policies on how they use the information.
  • Several features require the Premium version such as accessibility, immersive reader (which reads aloud), translation, and font size change.
How can it be used in education?
  • Pear Deck can be used to check student understanding of a topic.
  • This tool can be used to review material.
  • Teachers can determine if students understand what is being taught based on student response.

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Follow the link to view the sample Pear Deck. You will need a Google account to participate.


Getting Started with Pear Deck

How to Make Interactive Google Slides with Pear Deck

Increased Engagement Using Pear Deck While Distance Learning

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