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What is it?
Padlet is a presentation tool that allows you to put all of your materials in one place much like a sticky note on a virtual bulletin board.

How do you obtain it?
Sign up for a free account or download the app. Padlet is available through the Apple store, Google Play, and Amazon. The Premium account has more features and costs money.

What are the benefits?
  • Instructors can put all of your materials in one place.
  • Allows the instructor to present information in multiple modes.
  • Can be used as an alternative format for student projects or portfolio assignments.
  • Students can collaborate.
  • Students can use it for presentations.
  • Students can interact with classmates and teachers.
  • Users can post multimedia or weblinks.
  • Instructors can post feedback immediately.
  • Padlet can be set to require posts to be approved before they are posted.
  • A filter can be set to eliminate profanity by automatically placing an emoji in place of the offensive word.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Only three Padlets can be used at once unless you purchase the premium version.
  • Some of the better features such as Google apps integration and school-wide activity monitoring are only available in the paid version.

How Padlet can be used in education?

  • Can be used to display materials on a topic
  • Can be used in a face-to-face or online classroom
  • Can be used to review materials

Check out our sample Padlet!
Try it out by telling us about your favorite dog. Comment on current posts or click the pink circle with the plus to add your own post.

Made with Padlet

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Sample Assignment 1

Sample Assignment 2

20 Useful Ways to Use Padlet in Class Now (website)

30 Creative Ways to Use Padlet for Students and Teachers (website)


Getting Started with Padlet

How to Promote Student Collaboration with Padlet

Educational Benefits of Padlet

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