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SBI 2 Training Materials: PLCs

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"If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow." ― John Dewey

The SBI:VA trainings aim to cultivate standards expertise within programs, training instructors and other educators on the content of the standards, instructional implications, and strategies for working as part of a professional learning community. The SBI 2: Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) Focusing on Assignments and Student Work training has three strands: CCRS English language arts/literacy, CCRS Mathematics, and ESOL/Civics.

SBI 2 focuses on gathering small groups of instructors into PLCs and facilitating these groups. The training introduces a student work protocol that leads teachers to collaboratively revise classroom assignments for greater standards alignment and support of student mastery.

SBI: VA training materials are, in large part, taken or adapted from materials developed by StandardsWork under contract from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education as part of the Standards-in-Action initiative. The SBI 2 training content was originally launched to a Virginia audience in July 2016.

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SBI:VA Google Site for PLCs Focusing on Student Work
This Google site provides a way for programs across the state to share ideas, questions, challenges, and resources as they implement PLCs and standards-based instruction. Adult educators who have taken the SBI 2 training have access to discussion and editing features on the site, including access to a private page dedicated to their region or program.

General PLC Implementation Resources (Same Across All Strands)

Implementation of Professional Learning Communities
These guiding questions were developed by Debby Cargill with Prince William County Schools Adult Education.

Regional/Program Planning Template: Standards-based Instruction through Professional Learning Communities
This planning template is a tool to help leadership teams at the regional or program level organize and prepare for PLCs.

Online Communications and Reporting to Support PLCs
This flyer includes links to the SBI:VA Google site and to SurveyMonkey forms for reporting on PLC progress and requesting technical assistance.

CCRS ELA: English Language Arts/Literacy Strand

CCRS Mathematics Strand

ESOL and IEL-Civics Strand

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