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Quality Teaching Online

This section provides access to resources that address important concepts and aspects of developing quality online courses and delivering effective online instruction.

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Open Educational Resources & Copyright

Teacher Observations & Evaluation

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Quality Teaching Online Resources and Tip Sheets

Internet Safety & Privacy

Open Educational Resources

OER & Copyright - Image designed by FreepikThese resources can be used to provide programs and instructors with guidance on accessing and using open educational resources for online teaching and learning.

  • #GoOpenVA By Virginia Educators, For Virginia Educators. A collaborative initiative that encourages educators to create, share, and access openly-licensed educational resources (OER, also known as open education resources).
  • OER Commons: Searchable collection of OER to support teaching and learning needs.
  • Edutopia: An educators’ guide to open educational resources with information about online repositories, curriculum-sharing websites, and sources for lesson plans and activities.
  • OER - Open Educational Resources: Big List of Resources: A collection of resources that include completed courses material, material broken down by subject, and resources for images, books, and multimedia, and much more.
  • Introduction to Open Educational Resources: Self-paced online course on using OER (EdTech)
  • Copyright: Resources about how media can be used legally in the classroom and online.
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Teacher Observations & Evaluation

Observation and Evaluation Resources ImageThese resources can be used to provide program administration guidance regarding developing and/or modifying teacher evaluation plans for remote instruction.

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Quality Teaching Online Resources and Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets - Image designed by FreepikResources and tip sheets that provide guidance to support programs and instructors in implementing quality teaching online.


Tip Sheets

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an approach to teaching that works to create equal opportunities for all learners.
  • Student Engagement: Student engagement has to do with students’ meaningful involvement in their own learning that incorporates behavioral, emotional, and cognitive aspects.
  • Safety: Internet safety means protecting oneself and others from online difficulties that may jeopardize personal information, lead to unsafe communications, or even affect an individual's mental health and well-being.
  • Goals Objectives Outcomes: Tips for defining and writing goals, objectives, and learning outcomes in adult education.
  • Feedback: When giving feedback, building rapport with learners is an important first step to ensuring that feedback can be effective and support learners in achieving their goals.
  • Distance Education: This tip sheet provides guidance for terms used in adult distance education programs in Virginia.
  • Digital Literacy: Tips to access and build student digital literacy skills.
  • Course Set Up: Recommended course elements to improve learner experince.
  • Building Community: An online community helps motivate students, fosters learning, and gives learners a sense of belonging.
  • Accessibility: Creating accessible content is not just for individuals with disabilities. The aim of accessible content is improved access for all.
  • Netiquette: Netiquette is a word that describes the do's and don'ts of online communicating. Basic courtesy and common sense are generally the rule of the day when communicating whether face-to-face or through the Internet.
  • Materials Technologies: Select materials that support those learning outcomes: materials that are level-appropriate, aligned to student goals, standards-aligned, and accessible to learners.
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Resources for Equity, Inclusion, Safety, and Privacy in the Online Classroom

Privacy ImageThese resources will provide programs and instructors with strategies, methods, and best practices for building online classrooms with equity, inclusion, safety, and privacy in mind.

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