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Digital Access

This section provides information about digital equity and digital literacy. It includes resources to support learners, build skills, and determine online readiness.

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Digital Equity

Digital Equity in Education: Overview video

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Digital Literacy

What is digital literacy?: Overview video

Online Readiness:

Building Skills:

  • Google Applied Digitial Literacy Skills: Free set of lessons related to building digital literacy skills designed to be used with learners that have limited digital literacy.
  • Teaching Skills that Matter, Digital Resources: Resource that includes case studies, lessons, and project-based learning activities to support learners in developing digital literacy skills.
  • GCFGlobal Learning: English skills practice which includes basic computer skills, English for everyday activities, English for work, and much more.
  • 21Things4Students and 21Things4Teachers: Build knowledge and learn new tech skills for the 21st century. 
  • Easy Excel: Beginner introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Curated collection of course materials to be used for in-person or online digital literacy training.
  • Learning Chocolate: Tool to help students memorize English vocabulary in an easy and efficient way by using images, pronunciation, and games. Free and fun!
  • TechBoomers: Tips and tricks to take tech skills to the next level!
  • Extensive keyboard lessons and digital literacy content that provide students with fundamental career and life skills. Includes real-time tracking, custom assignments, and shareable reports.
  • VALRC Self-Paced Tech Tools Section: Additional resources can be found on the VALRC website.
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