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"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." ― Frank Smith

If you are interested in taking any of these trainings please contact your Regional Program Manager or Regional Adult Education Specialist.

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This workshop provides participants with ESOL assessment training using the BEST Plus, a computer-based assessment tool developed by the Center for Applied Linguistics for ESOL learners. This session is only for those who are experienced in working with ESOL learners and whose work assignment includes test administration for NRS reporting. This training must be done in a computer lab. At the minimum, there must be one computer for every two participants. Audience: ESOL test administrators. 6 hours

Do not attend this workshop if you have previously been certified for administering the BEST Plus. This workshop is NOT for recertification in the administration of the BEST Plus. To be recertified please contact the VALRC for the correct procedure at 800-237-0178.

ESOL Basics
Content from both the face-to-face and online formats of this course are currently being revised and will be combined with VAECP ESOL Instructor Level 1 (below). The revised version of VAECP ESOL Instructor Level 1 will be offered later this year.

Teaching Listening and Speaking Skills to Adult English Language Learners
The goal of the workshop is to increase teachers’ skills in teaching and assessing the listening and speaking skills of adult English language learners. Workshop objectives for participants: At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to recognize the purpose and underlying principles of five oral production and assessment techniques, identify key steps in teaching oral skills, adapt activities for multilevel classes, describe performance and content standards, and identify characteristics of good assessments. 6 hours

Teaching Reading to Adult English Language Learners
The goal of this workshop is to increase skills in developing coherent, comprehensive, and appropriate reading lessons based on promising practices. At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to: identify types of native language literacy, identify models of reading, describe knowledge and skills important to the reading process, identify elements of a good reading lesson, and create a coherent, comprehensive, and appropriate reading lessons that develops each of the four skills important to reading. Audience: ESOL instructors. 6 hours

Teaching Writing to Adult English Language Learners
The goal of this workshop is to increase skills in teaching the process of writing based on promising practices in ESOL. In this workshop we will:

  • Describe the steps of the writing process.
  • Develop teaching activities for each step in the writing process.
  • Identify appropriate error-correction interventions.
6 hours

Goal Setting
Setting clearly defined and meaningful goals and monitoring progress toward goal achievement are two of the most powerful factors influencing retention and persistence in adult students. With persistence, comes success. In this training, participants will explore values and perceptions effecting goal-setting, ways to set meaningful short-term and long-term goals, and monitoring progress. Audience: Adult Education instructors, tutors, counselors, and managers. This training is no longer mandatory. Self-paced online course. Click here to register.

VAECP ESOL Instructor L1
VAECP Instructor Level 1 focuses on basic awareness of the landscape of adult instruction in ESOL. This includes the history of adult education and its relevance to today’s ESOL programs, the field of adult education, an introduction to content standards, formal and informal assessments, an introduction to National Reporting System measures, and fundamental principles of instruction in the adult education classroom. VAECP highlights different approaches and methods with a focus on how to design effective lesson plans for the unique learners in your classroom. Online facilitated course. 40 hours

VAECP Instructor L2
Level 2 is the second in the three-tiered program for adult educator instructor certification in Virginia. Level 2 Online is a combined ESOL / ABE-ASE instructor course.

Requirements: Eligible participants include anyone who completed an instructor Level 1, whether face-to-face or online format. Participants will be required to deliver a unit of instruction to adult learners and therefore must be actively teaching in some context.

Goal: Teachers will design and deliver integrated education and training that helps adult learners reach higher levels of achievement. Online facilitated course. 40 hours

Beyond Basics: ESOL Beginning Literacy
This course is an in-depth follow up to our popular ESOL Basics course. Teaching adult English language learners who have problems with reading and writing--perhaps because they never went to school in their home country and are not literate in their native language--may seem like an intimidating prospect. It is true that it's not always easy. However, as anyone who has taught such a group of students knows, working with literacy learners is also very rewarding. Beyond Basics: Beginning Literacy will give you the tools you need to work with literacy learners. Online facilitated course. 24 hours

Beyond Basics: Multilevel
This course is designed for teachers who want to tackle the challenges of teaching multilevel ESOL classes. Each lesson addresses a different aspect of multilevel teaching including supporting all students’ goals and needs, applying effective grouping strategies with appropriate differentiated instruction, and developing materials. Throughout the course, you will have a chance to reflect on and discuss important weekly topics with your classmates as well as share ideas and experience. Assignments put your new knowledge to work, allowing you to make your ideas concrete, applicable to your particular classroom. Online facilitated course. 24 hours

Introduction to Standards-Based Instruction with the ELPs
This 3+ hour, face-to-face workshop designed to introduce teachers to the English Language Proficiency Standards. Wrokshop objectives include: (1) navigate the ELPS document, (2) distinguish between social and academic languagge, and (3) describe how instructional practices incorporate the three key shifts of the CCRS. The lenghth and content of the workshop can be adjusted to fit your program or region's needs. Please contact our office if you would like to schedule this workshop for your program or region.

Designing Instruction with the ELPs
This is a 3+ hour, face-to-face workshop designed to build on teachers' introductory knowledge of ELPS. Wrokshop objectives include: (1) identify instructional practices that aligh with the ELPS, and (2) design instruction that engages the adult ELLs and aligns with the ELPS. The length and content of the workshop can be adjusted to fit your program or region's needs. Please contact our office if you would like to schedule this workshop for your program or region.

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