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The Adult Student Profile Document (ASPD) form is used by adult education programs in Virginia to capture demographic, education, employment, assessment, and secondary/postsecondary credential information. Adult education programs must collect this initial information during the registration process while the rest of the form is completed throughout the learner’s course of study.

The following ASPD explanation videos have been developed to support and assist students registering for English language classes. During registration for English language programs, there are usually several staff members, and possibly even native language speakers, available to assist students with completing their ASPD form. These helpers are often called upon to explain areas of the form that can be difficult to understand.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the registration process in some areas has now become limited to over-the-phone or by-appointment-only consultation. This may limit the ability of students to be accompanied by friends or family members to help with translation. The purpose of this resource is to provide additional support to students prior to registration so that they are better prepared for their scheduled registration phone call or appointment. Even in the case of open registration, these videos will support learners in being better prepared for registration.

The videos have been made in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Farsi. There is also a slow-speed English version that can be used for speakers of other languages not provided. In addition to the videos, each language has its own script that can be sent along with the corresponding video.

The information presented in these videos is general and should be applicable to programs across the state of Virginia. Individual programs will still need to communicate any additional information specific to their registration process.

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PDF of Transcript (Arabic)

PDF of Transcript (Chinese)
English (Slow)

PDF of Transcript (English at a Slow Speed)

PDF of Transcript (Farsi)

PDF of Transcript (Spanish)

PDF of Transcript (Vietnamese)
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