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VAELN: Virginia Adult Education &
Literacy Network Listserv

Large VAELN IconWhat is VAELN?

VAELN is an electronic mailing list maintained by the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center. The Listserv software resides on a server at VCU. This computer receives and disseminates messages by e-mail to all those subscribed to the list. Subscribers may send messages to everyone on the list and will receive all messages sent to the list.

How Do I Subscribe/Unsubscribe?

Note: In order to subscribe to VAELN you must have an e-mail address.

You can subscribe to VAELN by sending an email to with the following in the body of the e-mail: subscribe VAELN "first name" "last name"

For example: subscribe VAELN Jane Smith

When you send this message, the Listserv computer will read the information from your message and subscribe you to the mailing list. Within 24 hours you should receive a welcome message from the Listserv and from VAELN. Read these instructions carefully and then print them out for future reference. They will give you information on how to post messages to the list and how to unsubscribe should you wish to do so.

How Do I Send Email to VAELN??

To send an email to VAELN, address a blank email to and compose your message. You will need to be subscribed to VAELN before you can send email to the list. If you have problems sending to the list, make sure that the email address you are subscribed with matches the email address you are sending from.

How Would I Use It?

Adult Educators are encouraged to subscribe to VAELN to keep abreast of policy changes, Resource Center acquisitions, and staff development information. Subscribers may use the list to ask questions or to share information with other subscribers on the list.

For further information, contact Karen E Ballengee at the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center.

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