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Staff Contact Information

Listed below are our staff members. Clicking on a person's name will take you to a page about that person or you can send them email by clicking on their email link.You can also reach the Resource Center by calling: (804)828-6521 or (800)237-0178.

Manager - I provide managerial oversight that supports the work of the VALRC staff as they carry out our annual action plan and maintain the communication and work link to the Office of Adult Education and Literacy by serving on the leadership team. Joanne Huebner (804) 828-7537 / email Joanne
Assistant Instructional Technology Specialist - I work on 508 compliance, assist with the website, create graphics, and assist with technology projects. Karen Ballengee (804) 827-1922 / email Karen
Instructional Technology Specialist - I manage the online facilitated courses and provide training on technology integration, distance education, and learning disabilities for teachers of adults in Virginia. Katie Bratisax (804) 827-1046 / email Katie
Workforce Instructional Specialist - I support Virginia's development and implementation of career pathways programs, support instructors and staff in tailoring instruction for workplace readiness, and coordinate the state's PluggedInVA programs. Kate Daly Rolander (804) 827-1946 / email Kate
Grants Specialist and Office Manager - I am responsible for finance within the VALRC. Carla Dannouf (804) 828-7280 / email Carla
Academic Programming Specialist - I work with Regional Program Managers and other leadership staff to implement regional professional development in accordance with local program needs and goals. Jeffrey A Elmore (804) 827-1929 / email Jeffrey
Counseling and Enrollment Specialist - I provide direction and expert opinion via the Virginia GED helpline and email correspondence. Iris Guillet (804) 827-2635 / email Iris
Communications and Community Engagement Specialist - I provide specialized professional education, intervention, and outreach services in the area of adult education and literacy. Katherine Hansen (804) 827-2612 / email Katherine
Instructional Standards and Communications Specialist - I support Virginia's implementation of College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education and edit a variety of print and online publications. Hillary Major (804) 828-7535 / email Hillary
Literacy Specialist- I work with teachers, volunteers, and Community Based Literacy Organizations (CBLOs) to help improve literacy instruction and ensure that adults have access to the educational resources they need. Elizabeth Severson-Irby (804) 828-6272 / email Elizabeth
Program Support Coordinator - I provide registration and help desk support for Knowledge Center and Blackboard to the field. I also coordinate with the VALRC Specialists for preparation of materials for Face-to-Face training's, meetings and events and maintain the Knowledge Center database. Page Stirrup (804) 827-1044 / email Page
Grants Specialist - I balance the budget, key time and leave, take care of your travel needs, order supplies, process and close grant awards and more. Dottie Walsh (804) 828-9901 / email Dottie
ESOL Specialist - I work with program administrators to implement ESOL teacher professional development that aligns with state and federal level initiatives, and local interests and needs. Susan Watson (804) 828-6158 / email Susan
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