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The field of adult education in Virginia is becoming more challenging: more accountable, and more focused than ever on helping adult learners achieve not only their educational goals, but also supporting workforce development. As these transformations take place, all instructional administrators, teachers and support staff need a common standard platform of knowledge and skills -- the effectiveness of an adult education program depends on it.

The Virginia Adult Educator Certification Program provides consistent and structured training and development for adult educators within four strands:

  • ABE/GED Instructor
  • ESOL Instructor
  • Program Manager
  • Support Staff

Currently, all training is delivered through institutes and workshops and evaluated through a series of self-assessments and reflective projects.

Since its inception in 2009, almost 800 adult educators have fully completed one or more VAECP sessions with over 350 having achieved Level 1 certification, and the VALRC has conducted its first program evaluation. Based on feedback, we are in the process of developing and implementing online certification courses for instructors to improve access to timely professional development.

In the VAECP Online courses, the three sessions of each level, the afterwork, and the action plan are incorporated into an 8-week, highly facilitated course. The VAECP Online allows participants to complete an entire level of certification through an interactive online setting consisting of individual work, group work, formative assessment, and reflection with a cohort from various geographical and classroom experience perspectives.

The need for quality adult educators has never been higher. Nationally, there is a call to action for a new credential. Virginia is one state leading the way, with the overarching VAECP credentialing goal of increased learner achievement in programs where management, instructors, and support staff work together to provide the best possible environment for adult learning.

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