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Building Basics

IEL/Civics Gateways for Teachers (NEW)

The IEL/Civics Gateways for Teachers is a collaborative professional development web site for adult English Language Acquisition and IEL/Civics Education programs and teachers. The site's purpose is to help teachers plan and implement lessons supporting students in their efforts to integrate into their communiities and make successful transitions to work and further education.

Building Basics

Building Basics: ESOL Toolkit for General Construction, Landscaping, Painting, and Plumbing

Building Basics is a multi-level curriculum for teaching ESOL within the context of the construction trades. It has been organized into four modules which should be downloaded separately due to their large size: General Construction, Curb Appeal (Landscaping), Painting, and Plumbing. Each module is further divided into five units/lessons. These lessons provide a facilitator guide with step-by-step instructions for implementation, facilitator materials, and learner handouts.


Content Standards (ESOL)

Virginia's Adult Education Content Standards for English for Speakers of Other Languages Instruction and Complimentary Instructional Resources


GED® to Careers: Curriculum Guides

The GED® Career Bridge to Health Care Curriculum and the GED® Career Bridge to Hospitality Curriculum are career-focused GED® instruction guides for the Fast Track GED® Learner. The guides include contextualized project-based learning activities, vocabulary lists, career briefs, and lesson plans all adapted to their specific industry contexts. Additionally, each of the curriculum guides includes complete student handbooks, as well as guidelines for implementation.

GED Career Bridge to Health Care Curriculum

GED Career Bridge to Hospitality Curriculum


Money Talks

Money Talks is a comprehensive, multi-level resource for teaching financial literacy to adult ESOL students that can be used and adapted to fit a wide range of learning situations.


New Teacher Handbook

This handbook was created as a resource for teachers and staff who are new to the field of adult education.

PluggedInVA ImplementatIon

PluggedInVA Implementation Guide

Parts I and II of this guide provide an introduction to the PluggedInVA program as well as an overview of the essential elements of PluggedInVA. (pdf)

ESOL Toolkit

Virginia Adult ESOL Health Literacy Toolkit

This comprehensive new resource for adult ESOL educators and others interested in health care communication with English language learners contains:

  • Reproducible lesson plans and teaching materials on high-interest, hard-to-teach health topics
  • Easy-to-read resources on using U.S. health care for learners to access directly
  • Examples and how-tos for engaging in interdisciplinary health literacy projects
  • And much more!

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